AI and Machine Learning to change the strategy of Digital Marketing

AI and Machine Learning to change the strategy of Digital Marketing

Do you think Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will enhance the future of digital marketing?


It’s changing our day to day business activity in a more specific route and be more focused and the rest of the automation process will take care of it.

For example, if you enter into any websites these days, a chatbot is receiving you and welcoming you.

If you have any questions, the chatbot itself is trying to solve your initial questions by itself without connecting to any human.

So, this classic example shows a lot of things to all of us. It reduces manpower and this chatbot itself saves a lot of data about the customers and their behavior.

And yes, this all can be done only by the machine learning mechanism. This automated response system itself saves a lot of time right from the small to medium to very large companies.

What else with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning will change the way of thinking patterns?

1.Keyword Research

If you are trying to make content on your website or a blog, keywords play a major role.

   What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process by which you research popular search terms people type into search engines like Google, and include them strategically in your content so that your content appears higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

Keyword research is a fundamental practice in search engine optimization (SEO).

There are so many tools to find out the right keyword for your content to reach out to your audiences. (Will see in detail in our blog about this later)

All these tools are using AI and Machine learning concepts. Without this concept, the prediction will not work properly.

Almost all the applications are using this mechanism to serve their clients in a better way.

The machine learning algorithm takes advantage of the internet usage data and applying all the required statistics models inside and it gives to the customer which keyword is trending right now and so on.

So, this leads to making the content more specific to their audiences. It reaches them directly and also it will be easily indexed in the google search console and stays on top using the right keyword and it will optimize (SEO).

  1. Acquiring E-mails

Once you build your audience, you will be getting more visitors to your website or to your blog.

You would like to get all their email ids list so that you can expand your lead magnet list.

It will also be useful to send out the newsletter, updates about your new post on your blog, new offers, and so on.

For this specific task, there are a lot of tools/applications available, and those are AI  built-in or AI-powered tools.

It will act very smart to catch your visitor’s information (only the required information-you can set it up).

This task is automated now. This is a huge task because collecting every individual data and put it in the system and start the lead engine to make it work.

This is already changing digital marketers’ lives easy.

  1. Sending out the E-mails

A similar process has been applied here however we should know about email marketing. These days, a lot of tools covering the automated email templates too make it available for their customers.

You can simply use it and make it a deal with your customers.

In these two processes itself, there are so many automation and analytics that are happening to understand more about customer behavior.

Like, if you are collecting the emails and sending out the emails, you will get to know all the statistics whether they have opened up your email or not, how long they have read your message, have they responded to your email, you can get kind of CRM dashboard.

So that you will be making the content accordingly to make the sale happened or whatever the requirement of the email can be accomplished.

  1. The behavior of the customer

Do you believe that you can get to know about your customer’s behavior within a single click?

There are tools available. (Will see about all the tools in a separate blog post)

Just in case, if you are approaching your B2B customer and you did not know about him. Just you know him virtually and you don’t know about him anything in particular so that when you have a conversation you can understand him better.

There’s a tool for this.

This tool will analyze and tell you that person’s characteristics based on his social media feeds, and everything.

The important point here is this tool will give you the email-template according to that person’s behavior.

Just in case, this person likes flowers very much and he has the habit of having flower vase in different styles, you can mention in the email. That template will write on behalf of you. (!)

Very interesting, right?

Similarly, this tool will give you more options about this person’s behavior saying that he’s very disciplined and he’s very punctual and he doesn’t like smoking. Or this will let you know that he is a very generous and kind personality and so on.

For each and everything, you will get an email template so that you can contact him or attract him with a nice email offer.

This is possible only with the AI and Machine learning algorithm that has been written and taken all the social media or any other open-source data and analyse and give you the judgemental report.

These are the four things that immediately you can see the impact or the changing the strategy using a machine learning algorithm in Digital Marketing.

We will discuss a lot more in the coming days.

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