Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing and Business Benefits

What is AI?

The term “artificial intelligence” is used to describe machines and computers that mimic “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as learning and problem-solving.

It is an area of computer science that attempts to understand the essence of intelligence and produce a new intelligent machine that thinks, responds and performs tasks based on the data that is being fed into it, just like humans do. Some of the activities associated with AI are highly technical and specialized, such as robotics, speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, problem-solving, etc.

Thanks to detailed algorithms, AI systems are now becoming more and more mature, with systems becoming more efficient at a much faster rate than ever before. The application field of AI has been expanding, helping to make big strides in research and development areas around the world.

It is conceivable that the technological products brought by artificial intelligence in the future will be the “container” of human wisdom. AI is not human intelligence, but it can think like a human and may exceed human intelligence.

Points to Remember

  • AI can hyper-personalize the customer experience by analyzing their profiles.
  • AI speeds up production of certain types and formats of content.
  • AI-powered software can decide what content to create and when to distribute it.
  • AI can process vast quantities of data and make accurate predictions based on patterns that emerge from it.
  • AI can predict customer behavior and identify and nurture the most valuable leads.

AI & Digital marketing

Artificial intelligence is transforming dozens of industries. From finance to tech and retail, artificial intelligence is changing the way brands do business. For digital marketers, it’s changing the way they connect brands with their audiences.

Machines and computer systems are working like humans with tasks like voice-recognition, visual perception, translation, and decision-making, which all previously required human intelligence. Now, artificial intelligence can accomplish those tasks independently. In fact, by the end of this year, 40% of digital transformation services will use artificial intelligence, and by 2025, the AI industry will grow to $190 billion. These are just a couple AI predictions for 2019, and there’s no doubt there will be more positive momentum from this technological revolution.

So how is AI changing digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence is transforming customer-facing services for digital marketers by increasing efficiency and optimizing user experience. One common example of AI across the web is the use of chatbots to provide customer services to users.

With the presence of a chatbot, users can ask them questions about products and services, or ask to be directed to a particular section of a website. After an automated welcome message, brands can choose to transfer users to a live chat with a customer service representative to streamline the interaction. What’s more is that 64% of Americans agree that the best feature of chatbots is their ability to provide 24-hour service, seven days a week. While everyone else is asleep, let your chatbot do the work for you.

Another example of AI in digital marketing is the personalization of content a user sees while browsing a website. With the help of artificial intelligence, machines can track user spending habits and record what their preferences are. Afterward, AI can use that information to market similar products users will most likely be interested in. This process will help segment your audience base and drive sales with customized content. Both of these examples demonstrate how AI in digital marketing is transforming the space by helping brands increase productivity and revenue through the automation of tasks that once required human labor and intelligence.

By far, the number one way AI is affecting digital marketing is by cutting costs. For example, Joe McKendrick of Forbes says that “more than half of decision makers (51%) admits that cost reduction is the area where AI is delivering first.” Artificial intelligence is simultaneously helping businesses drive revenue and save money.

AI digital marketing in business

 Application of AI chatbots

The development of AI semantic recognition, language processing and voice conversion technology has meant that AI customer service is easier to use and delivers a better experience. Compared with manual customer service, AI chatbots have many advantages.

First of all, AI chatbots enable businesses to go beyond the traditional “one-to-one” form of customer service. Instead, chatbots can deliver a “one-to-many”, providing support to a number of customers at the same time and in different time zones.

Secondly, AI chatbots don’t need to rest, so they can answer customer queries around the clock and in real time. Not only does this mean they are highly efficient, but they can also provide support outside of office hours, improving customer experience.

In addition to these benefits, customers can choose the language used by AI customer service according to their needs, allowing a brand to deliver localized customer service.

Many brands have started to communicate with their customers through messenger applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack, all of which can benefit from AI chatbots in order to streamline the process.

 Email marketing

AI helps brands to personalize email marketing campaigns based on user behaviors, meaning marketers can send out emails that are triggered by certain actions. This enables them to deliver relevant emails to customers’ inboxes, with subject lines, product recommendations and messaging all being chosen based on a customer’s behaviour.

As well as better personalized content, AI also helps marketers optimize their email campaigns, allowing them to maximize their results. Marketers can use tools like Phrasee to dynamically analyze and optimize campaigns quickly, rather than having to A/B test different messages and designs, which can take a number of weeks.

Ultimately, AI can help email marketers reach the right customers at the right time, ensuring that messaging is relevant, engaging and more likely to convert.

 AI digital advertising

There is no doubt that digital advertising is one of the most successful areas to have adopted artificial intelligence. It used across platforms like Facebook, Google and Instagram in order to provide the best possible experience. These platforms analyze users’ information, including gender, age, interests, demographics, and other aspects to show them the most relevant advertisements, improving the performance of digital ads. With AI technology, marketers can spot microtrends and even predict trends. They can then make strategic decisions about where they allocate their budgets and who they target. As a result, brands can reduce digital advertising waste and ensure that their spend delivers the best possible results.

Marketing content

Thanks to AI, you can discover what content is most effective, according to the behaviour of targeted customers, allowing you to utilize content marketing that gets results. Marketers can get a better understanding of what types of content work best for their target audience, allowing them to share or create the right form of content.

For example, 40% of millennials trusting video content the most, meaning it is the second most effective form of content marketing next to blogs. This means that a brand targeting this audience will be better able to create relevant content using insights gathered from AI.


AI is now more accessible for businesses, making it a valuable tool for digital marketers. It is irrefutable that AI largely influences the choices of your customers, helping to provide relevant recommendations and timely customer service. Looking at the ways that you can make use of it will better enable you to grow your brand and meet the expectations of your customers.

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