Divya Gokulnath, co-founder of BYJU’S, started teaching at 21, and had to wear saris to appear older than her students! From there on, the journey of setting up the learning app has been overwhelming and fruitful.


She studied schooling in Frank Anthony Public School –1991 – 2001

Her UG degree in National College Jayanagar –2001 – 2003

Her B.Tech in R.V. College of Engineering,Bangalore – 2003-2007

Favorite subject to teach?

Maths and science have been my strong subjects throughout, but, yes,  have always been the biggest fan of biology.

Dhivya gokulnath is a teacher:

While Divya is Co-founder and also Director at Byju’s she strongly believes she is a teacher first. She points out, “Being a teacher involves some crazy hard work where you need to understand and explain concepts on camera, for students from different parts of the country. You need to think of all the questions they could possibly ask. My secondary roles would include brand marketing, communications, and mentoring.”

Divya gokulnath job role?

Working on creating unique and personalized learning experiences for students globally. My job is to ignite the passion and energy of my teams to deliver on BYJU’S’ purpose of ‘Making children fall in love with learning’


  • Helping children learn better through tech-enabled personalized learning programs
  • Transforming the way students approach learning
  • Building passionate teams who ensure a smooth learning experience for every student on the app
  • Creating interesting and engaging stories that inspire and educate everyone 
  • Creating interesting and engaging stories that inspire and educate everyone 

About brand BYJU’s

Her says to student?

Our vision is to make students fall in love with learning, as it is the most integral and defining part of childhood. We truly believe that we should teach our next generation ‘how to learn’ and not ‘what to learn’. We should encourage them to question why, and not just spoon-feed them to answer questions. 

Divya gokulnath salary?

Salary4-5 Million
Net WorthRs. 3.24 Lacs (as in 2019)
ControversiesNot Found

Her experience in first Byju online classe?

Divya’s first class had close to 100 students.”To look more teacher-like,I’d often wear a sari to class”, laughs Divya ,who now tutors students of classes 4-7 in math and 8-12 in biology, on the byju’s app.

How she help for growth of byju’s?

Divya takes care of content, brand marketing, and subscribers’ experience-related activities in the company.

“Her style in simplifying concepts, be it for the educational materials that Byju’s produces or for presentations she makes, has helped the company excel.”

She face any resistance in digitalised class?

During the phase when the team was travelling across the country to conduct test-prep classes for thousands of students, we realised that our education system faced three key obstacles: first, the lack of access to quality teachers and quality content; second, the lack of personalisation in the conventional learning environment, and, finally, that learning was driven by the fear of exams rather than the love of learning.

How teach in pandemic period?

since lockdown,they  have noticed a massive shift in the mindsets of parents as well as teachers. Now that they are witnessing the real benefits of online learning, they are opening up to it.

Vision in byju’s:

vision is to be one of the largest education brands in the world, but our goal beyond numbers is to continue our focus on enjoying education and making students across the world fall in love with learning. Our vision is to be one of the largest education brands in the world, but our goal beyond numbers is to continue our focus on enjoying education and making students across the world fall in love with learning.

What are the advice given for teachers and students by divya gokulnath?

As teachers, we should always keep in mind that understanding students’ learning journeys is essential as every journey is unique. We need to proactively move away from the one-size-fits-all approach.teachers must embrace technology, and utilise its power to broaden the spectrum of their teaching abilities.

Moreover, merely switching modes from offline to online cannot help students have an immersive learning experience;

When take a physical clases in byju’s?

The progression was quick. Byju took “physical” classes till 2009, and later made his first tryst with technology through V-Sat. They grew almost overnight from seven centres to 90 centres across the country.

Honours & Awards :

YearHonour’s & Awards
Feb 2008University Rank Holder
Aug 2019Social Media SuperWomen
Sep 2019Most Powerful Women in Indian Business
Dec 2019LinkedIn Top Voices
Feb 2020Woman Enterpreneur of the year
Sep 2020Forbes Asia’s Power Businesswomen
Oct 2020Most powerful women in Indian Business
Nov 2020Linkedin Top Voices
Nov 2020Fortune India Most Powerful Women
Nov 2020Femina Power Women
Feb 2021Inspiring Business Leader

Divya  message to face entrance exam student?

Every little hurdle on the way only makes you stronger. Take these challenges as little bumps on the road so that, when you hit a mountain, you can fly across. It’s all about failing small and winning big. Our failures are stepping stones towards our successes, and I truly believe that it’s crucial for us to celebrate our failures as much as we do our successes.

Dhivya’s message to kids:

To prepare kids for the unseen jobs of tomorrow, they need to be taught “How to learn”and not  “What to learn”,says Divya. Because studies suggest that for kids in primary school today, 63% of their job’s aren’t even defined.

Divya also a singer:

She also reveals that she is a trained singer and wanted to be a performer at one time. “While that didn’t happen, today, I am a teacher and a performer.”

Divya gokulnath is a super women:

Over the past few years, especially after becoming a mother, I have realized that as women we hold immense power from giving the best to our children, to managing family as well as work. There is a superwoman in all of us. She is a nurturer and someone who brings things together, and multi-tasks to achieve personal and professional goals.

She is a versatile women:

I think juggling multiple roles is every woman’s natural ability and this has helped me play the role of a teacher, mentor, friend, leader, mother, and wife – all at the same time.

Balancing out all of these roles has helped me become stronger and more resilient over the years.

Dhivya says :

“One reason for this is because don’t have many role models. If there are women in senior leadership positions, then it sets off a chain of events, that they can also do it. I believe 50 percent of the ownership is with women, if they start believing in themselves and other women start pulling them up, it will happen,” she says.

 How divya gokulnath is a motivated for student’s?

  • Chase your dreams
  • make your goals 
  • define success on your own terms.
  • thinking ability and their observation range too.
  • Celebrate mistakes because you always learn from them.
  • The easiest way to encourage them is by doing little mistakes yourself.
  • Make everything sound like we-can-do-it

Divya says, for develop more women entrepreneur:

Even if she is busy in entrepreneurship journey, Divya always makes herself free to teach for few hours.

Divya, is quite happy because she is giving plenty of time to him. Pandemic has limited her work engagement and most of the time she is working from home.

She revealed that the pandemic has allowed her to stay at home for this long otherwise she never stayed at the home except on maternity leave.

She calls herself a workaholic. She remains busy in team meetings, live classes, and board duties. She was the key person in handling free live classes project for students during the pandemic.

Divya gokulnath is a successful women entrepreneur:

She strongly believes that better teachers make better students.

A big believer in the power of diversity at work, Divya leads one of the largest women-centric teams in the company and has actively spoken about its benefits at several national and international platforms.

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