Help Your Child to set up a BLOG

Very Often I am getting these kinds of questions from the parents:

  1. How to engage kids in his free time?
  2. How to make them read books?
  3. How to divert their video gaming time to a useful one?

I would always suggest that as a PARENT we have to be a MODEL for our kids. There’s no way.

  1. We have to read the newspaper (irrespective of online or offline)
  2. We have to read books, we have to have a healthy discussion with our kids,
  3. Even if we are discussing a movie, ask them what they did like or did not like. It should be a debate kind of thing we would need to start.
  4. Ask them a perception of anything they are seeing and we have to guide them what would the real meaning of the same.

There are so many ways we can engage them however, we have to initiate the action and be a model for our kids.

Now there are so many young authors who came into blogging.

They are writing about Tech news, fun activities, painting, toy making, writing short stories, about their travel experiences, detective stories, fantasy writing, whatever they are thinking they put it in their style of writing format.

Writing creates broaden up their mind, they are open for challenges, they can face any kind of challenges in the future, It will boost up their confidence.

So, how to make them writing a log?

As a parent what we need to do?

You can follow these five steps so that your kids can make you HAPPY!

1.Learn about blogging yourself

Before you set up a blog for your kids, you have to have a blog for yourself. There’s no intention of getting audiences for your blog, however, you are doing because your kids will copy you.

I know that might sound time consuming and silly or pointless.

But through action and modeling, your child is going to get the benefit of your learning.

Try setting one up on a simple site like WordPressTumblr or Blogger.

In some cases, your child might already know a lot more about this process than you do. That’s fine.

At some point in time, your kids can help the parents in terms of setting up the blogs

But where the parents come in is helping students identify… different things they’re passionate about or help them understand how to express themselves in that actual space.

This is very important.

2. Choose an appropriate blogging platform

There are a number of blogging sites specifically designed for children that provide some moderation and exclusivity.

Teachers can use platforms like Edmodo or Kidblog.org to organize and monitor classroom blogs.

At home, children can sign up for blogs on monitored sites like kidzworld etc.

There are so many blogs these days that have come up and they are nurturing with the news, activities, etc.

When you started writing or your kids started writing, ask them to focus on only thing at a time.

In the beginning, they will have some excitement about anything. We have to keep that energy, every time and again.

Here, you have to make your kids understand that once he/she started writing the blog, those content will get published like a book.

A physical book. They will get really interested to here this kind of words from their parents.

Normally kids would love to get praised. That’s the hold we can keep them engaged very useful in their life.

For the content moderation, you may need to help them. All sorts of content are not relevant at this age.

However, do not stop their creativity. Just monitor.

Just ask them What is your goal, what is your objective, what do you want [your child to learn from the blog]?

And then take into consideration the age of your child and research things that would be appropriate.

3. Teach your kids about Safety

For many parents, the idea of their child posting information to an anonymous audience on the Internet is frightening.

These concerns are justified, but there are ways to reduce the risks without banning a blog.

Maybe we need to be careful on post photos of himself/herself on the blog (even when it makes sense for a story),

he/she can’t use his last name and the only way to contact the blogger via an e-mail,  address his/her parents to monitor.

For the most part, they don’t consider the blog to be much of a risk.

I don’t think that’s any different in the online world.

I think you just have to instill in your kids kind of radar.

Make sure they know that if something feels wrong, they should immediately try to remove themselves and talk to a parent about it.

Blogging can also be an excellent opportunity to teach children the appropriate way to interact online.

4. Enhance the Educational experience

There are a number of ways parents can add to the inherent educational value of blogging.

It shouldn’t feel like homework for your kids.

They should like doing blogging by doing enough research on the internet so that they can become an expert in any subject line.

As a parent, we can also help to design their blogs, design their logos, etc. Help on what topic he/she has to do the research, etc.

Aside from the obvious benefits of working with children on their writing, parents can add value to the experience by pushing their children to explore a particular passion, discussing content and the research process, or by exploring the global reach of Internet communities.

5. Monitor what your child posts online

Put some sort of supervision in place.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every post needs to be pre-approved or that parents should watch over their child’s shoulder every moment he or she is working on a blog.

Some parents are more comfortable if they keep the computer in an open space, make sure any e-mail associated with the blog is delivered to an account that they have access to, and check the blog daily.

The amount of monitoring that is appropriate depends on your child.

You know best the maturity and how much interaction your child can handle.

Supervise them or monitor them or check their browsing history.

Do whatever you need to do as a parent, but still allow them to grow and learn.

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