Who is piyush somani

“Mr.piyush Somani” is a Founder,CMD and CEO of ESDS.

Full form of ESDS

“Exuberant Support for Data Services”.

Piyush Somani Biography

Born into a middle-class family in Maharashtra, Piyush Somani was an average student in academics. Due to his father’s profession as a bank official, Piyush’s family was usually on the move. In 1989, the family settled in Nashik. In 1999, Piyush left for Pune to pursue engineering. “Most of my family members worked in one bank or another. After I completed my engineering, at 22, my father and uncle advised me not to get into banking like them. They told me if I became a banker, I would work for 30 years for an organisation that didn’t respect me,” he shares. His family urged him to start a business, but he did not trust their judgement right away. He took up a job at a manufacturing company in Mumbai but later moved back to Nashik to work for an IT company as his income did not suffice his stay in Mumbai.

Tag line of ESDS

Piyush always had passion for innovative technology, so comes the ESDS tag line “Innovating future technology”. 

Piyush somani interesting

Piyush Somani has always focussed on innovating technologies like Cloud Hosting Platform, Datacenter Management System, ePDS, Core Banking Solution & pay per consume billing system to provide better experience to the customers, all his success and success of ESDS Software has been due to excellent customer service, backed by revolutionary products and transparency with the customers.

Piyush hobbis

One of his main hobbies is reading, especially old-school physical books. ‘He likes the smell and feel of paper’. So, in my den, he has a cupboard filled with books. One simply can’t miss this when entering the room. These books include everything, from histories, biographies, spiritual titles to motivational texts. I also have some technology magazines and newspapers on the coffee table, which I read while having my daily coffee.”

How ESDS started

Piyush Somani earned a degree in Electronics Engineering and joined a meter manufacturing industry in Mumbai in the year 2002 and then switched to a Software company in Nashik in the year 2003. He started a ‘Web hosting support’ business in the year 2004 with 6 Partners. Piyush then decided to get on his own in the year 2005 and registered “ESDS Software Solution Pvt Ltd”. Piyush is a first generation entrepreneur and he started “ESDS” to give Excellent Support and Distinct Service to the customers.

Through his experience in a variety of roles across ESDS, he has built a reputation in the IT industry for his exceptional ability to build and grow business and nurture long-term relationships.

Things started changing for ESDS from the year 2007 as the web hosting companies owned by ESDS started becoming very popular across the globe due to top class customer service. It was then decided by Piyush to set up a Datacenter of ESDS in India and make ESDS equally popular in India as well. Today ESDS has got its working Datacenter of 10,000 Sq. Ft and office area of 30,000 sq.ft in the heart of Nashik. ESDS office and Datacenter is a modern example of Green Building concept.Rs ‘160 crore’ revenue managed data centre and cloud hosting services provider with over 850 employees.

“eNlight Cloud”

The R & D team was formed in the year 2007 under leadership of Piyush and 3 projects were initiated to develop products for Datacenter Management System, auto-scaling Virtualization platform(Cloud Hosting platform) and Web Hosting Billing software. The R&D team @ ESDS successfully launched the Cloud Hosting platform, Billing software and the Datacenter Management system in the year 2011. Patent was filed for the “eNlight Cloud” hosting platform in the year 2011 in India and the patent has been filed in the UK while the US patent that was filed in the year 2012, was approved by the USPTO (No. US 9176788) in 2014.

Why is the cloud important to people?

Some entrepreneurs have a huge need for seeing where their data is stored.IT management in a small business is all in the hands of enterprising and ends up being a big challenge. Thinking about it, we prepared a short guide with Four reasons to consider while adopting cloud computing for your business.

  1. The cloud makes sharing easier.
  2. A cloud is the safest method of hosting.
  3. A cloud is more economical.
  4. The cloud can be a great ally of the entrepreneur.

Branches of ESDS

ESDS has branch offices in the UK, US, Nashik,Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi as well as Pune. ESDS has plans to set up a new Datacenter in the next two years at Bangalore.

Connecting and transforming the ESDS

 Indians on Government Community Cloud
Indians through 10K+ bank branches on BFSI Community Cloud
550Enterprises on Enterprise Community Cloud150Government Organizations on Government community Cloud380Banking & Financial Institutions on BFSI Community Cloud
150Enterprises on SAP HANA Community Cloud

ESDS also print their foot into the covid testing

ESDS has developed AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution that indicates the presence of COVID-19 in a patient under 5 minutes. This will not only foster the pace of the mass testing process but also reduce the cost of it.

The AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution is an indicative tool that has been developed to reduce the burden on our healthcare professionals to carry out rigorous testing. The Testing Solution is going to help the radiologists and other healthcare professionals in segregating and classifying the accurate target patient groups.

This Solution has been developed by the ESDS Team in a short period of ‘6 weeks’ under the guidance of AI-specialists and radiologists. Three steps to the testing process in AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution by ESDS.

AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution

This  AA+ COVID-19 Testing Solution benefits are 

  • A Cost-Effective Tool
  • Mobile Van Testing Solution
  • Reduced Testing Time
  • Multi-layer Testing

ESDS offering software product below companies

The company lists Infosys, The Muthoot Group, LTI (Larsen and Toubro Infotech), Bharat Petroleum, MUDRA, Essar, Ambuja Cement, State Bank of India, and other government bodies among its clientele.

Success  about piyush somani

  • A man who was ahead of times and patriotic for his land.Saw a vision to digitally transform our country.
  • To establish & enrich indian data centre and cloud business ESDS software solution was incepted.
  • Ever since,it has shaped a path for limitless opportunities.eNLIGHT CLOUD thrived as the world’s only double-patenting auto vertically-scalable cloud.
  • The hallmark of our greatness has come through.2nd great mid-sized workplace in india.
  • Asia’s 15th best workplace in 2020.
  • They create,build and grow.
  • Solutions for end-to-end enterprise IT management.revolutionized the world with its pay-per-consumption billing model.
  • Host more than 3K+ HANA instances that drives process innovation.transforms 10+ indian smart cities on smart city community cloud.
  • Personally designed a Healthy Nutritious meal plan for all his employees.
  • Reshaped services.Disburse loans to 30+crore people.

His quotes 

“Make Mistakes, but don’t repeat : Learn from Mistakes, but never repeat those mistakes”.

“Customer service will always remain at the forefront of our Business, no matter what level of success we achieve, we will maintain the same respect and passion for customer service”.

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