The Life of a SAS Programmer in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Life of a SAS Programmer in Pharmaceutical Industry

The Life of a SAS Programmer in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The life of a programmer in the software industry has never been told in the right sense.

Sometimes, it was over-exaggerated. Sometimes, it was underrated.

This is the state of any life of a software programmer.

I have been a SAS(Statistical Analysis System) Programmer for many years,  almost 14+ years.

I have worked as a Programmer, Lead Programmer, Manager, and I used to manage more than 50+ SAS programmers under my supervision(In total).

I have been given training on SAS and other soft skills and manage the delivery of clients.

It’s been an interesting one when I have worked as a SAS programmer. It gave me more ups and downs and jumping from one company to another.

It taught me life more than anyone.

I always been a listener of life. I always question my life whether this is right or wrong.

Or, I always set the target in my life and I ran towards that.

That’s how I have been a software programmer in the software industry.

I have been in this profession not by accident. I have sacrificed a lot to get into this profession as basically, I was a Production Engineer.

I want to be in the software field because of so many reasons.

A major reason is, I should to go to the US. That’s the least.

I didn’t have any plan what should I do after going to the US.

Very simple, I have to go there and visit the US. That’s it.

However, that’s happened in the year 2008. It was so exciting.  I like that landscape. I like cleanliness. I like the food (Not at the first visit)

But, I have to tell you this.

I hate to stay over there. I hate loneliness. I hate that “CALMNESS” in the environment.

Whereas, I like to be in our soil. I like this “SOUND” (Noice). I like this polluted air as we are the reason for that one.

I have to be as free as I am in India. This should not be in the US as far as I felt. (It differs from person to person)

There are so many lessons learned when I was working for someone.

Now, I am giving jobs for others and I should not make the same mistake what I have been expected from the employer.

I hope, I am crafting those things to implement in our organization.

So, I am going to discuss with you on “The Life of a SAS programmer in the Pharmaceutical Industry”.

Because, there’s so much to share and it will be really useful to many others. Especially those who are a fresher and who’s going to join in any software industry, this might be their “GUIDE” can refer at any time.

Please, stay stuned for my new series.

Thank you so much!

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