Where is my customer? – An Entrepreneur Journey to find out the customer – Part 4

I strongly believe in my intuition and I will always follow the path I am getting it from inside. I talked to myself and asks a lot of questions about whether I am doing it right or wrong.

If I follow this path, what am I going to get?

If I follow the other one, what would be the benefit for me? And so on…

Here, I wanted to tell you this. Once you started talking to yourself, there’s a lot of advantages.

  1. We don’t want to care about others on what they will think of us.
  2. If we are free from No.1, we will enjoy our life to the core and to the fullest.
  3. There’s only one person to listen to here. So, the conversation is 100% TRUE.
  4. If point number 3 is very honest, we can achieve something in our life 100% for sure.
  5. Onc we have the conversation within ourselves, we never commit anything wrong.
  6. We never gossiping about anyone else, once we have started talking to ourselves.

Have you experienced anything of those described above? If not, start the conversation within you.

So, the environment, situation of the outside and inside is all in sync with my decision. The decision is that I am going to start something new and am making some money out of that.

What is that business? Why do I want to do this? What are my audiences? How am I going to do this?

I was very sincere during those periods and worked hard to find out what am I going to do as a business?

I strongly believe one thing about myself that  I can explain any things in the world (Which are confined to my interests) to others with real-time examples.

At the end of the discussion, the opposite person will get to know whatever he/she wants.

Because of this, I thought that TRAINING would be a better one to start with.

Training means what kind of training? Will people come to me for the same?

What kind of assurance I can give them during the course of training?

Trust me. Each day will be starting with the question and ending with the question.


One day, I was thinking about my elementary school teachers.

During my school days, we never heard of anything about the peer pressure, socio-economic status, there was no nuclear family (mostly), there was no apartments or condominium (or condos) culture of living, we never compared our life with others.

The thought process was going on and on and it never stops anywhere. Why suddenly I was thinking about my school teachers?

There’s a reason for that. Those teachers taught us how to live a life with courage. Not like what we are living in now.

That too they taught us indirectly. Means, they lived their life like that. They were the ‘ROLE MODELS‘ by themselves.

They do not care about anyone else in the village (I came from a very remote village).

They enjoy what they are doing. In school, they are 100% Teachers. In farms, they are 100% farmers.

Evening, they used to conduct free tuition for those who are average. They never call this a ‘TUITION‘.  That is an additional orientation with their students.

They never care about money. They care what they are doing. Anyway, The money will come for their work. They never go behind them.

They taught life to us indirectly. They used to give counseling without knowing that they were giving counseling to us.

Here, I got stuck. I was thinking about The word “Counseling“.

In this generation, are they getting enough “counseling” or “life lesson” like this?

How can I do as a service to the students? Is there any opportunity? Will I get any chance to measure the student’s ability and inability?

The question started and I have done enough research on this worldwide how education has been poured these days.

Particularly in India, how is this effective? Are they following the Government norms on counseling?

After doing enough research (we have to put some endpoint for any research, right?), I thought that I found my “NICHE” for my business travel.

Yes, I am going to do a Counseling Process through proven scientific methodologies so that they can apply in the earlier stage of their school days.

It would really be a benefit of choosing their CAREER. They can focus on only “ONE THING” after their school so that they can be a MASTERY of whichever skill they chose.

That’s how CAREER MUDHRA (https://careermudhra.in) comes into existence in my life.

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