Where is my customer? – Part 7

Where is my customer?- Part 7

Yes, I wanted to scale up my business as my DREAM is BIG.

What I am doing right now is that just doing business. That’s it!

If I go in this way, it will take more time to reach more people and more revenue.

However, If I have the right product (in-house product) for the right audience, then the brand will reach more people more customers more revenue more growth.

This would need more investment more people more infrastructure more office space too.

I have already approached some of my friends to be a part of ‘Career Mudhra’ and they immediately refused to join with me. (No Wonder!)

Almost 9 months gone in my entrepreneurial journey and I was searching for the right people to join with me.

Vinoth Kumar:

Vinoth Kumar is my college mate and he’s from an automotive background. In the beginning stage itself, I was telling him about my business and I actually asked him whether he has any interest to join along with me.

At that time, he is not in a situation or not interested to join me. 

After 9 months, he approached me and said that he would like to join me.

At this point in time, he has resigned from his job and willing to join in Career Mudhra.

However, I have some important points to discuss with him before he’s joining Career Mudhra.

Because at any point in my Entrepreneurial Journey, I should not stop until I reach my GOAL! Reach my DREAM


I have a few things to tell him verbally and also through the document. 

We had a detailed discussion on what’s my ambition, why I have started this company, why I am in this business, where it will lead into, what are the future plans, how about the execution, etc.,

Vinoth agreed on all the terms and conditions whatever I said. 

He completely aligns himself with CAREER MUDHRA.

I got remembered of these lines:

“ if your wish is really true, it makes its own way to achieve it.”

So, Career Mudhra found out another strong person to achieve its goal.

He’s one of the main reasons that now we have three branches and it will grow across the South-India and after that ACROSS PAN INDIA. 

It’s possible. It’s there on the agenda. 

You might ask whether you never come across any disputes in this journey?

Come on! We are human beings. For sure, we have our own difference in opinions. 

However, we are open to suggestions and finally, the decision-maker is going to take the decision.

It’s all how we are setting up the expectation between two different personalities.

Actually I am not the person to work in someone’s direction. I found my way and it got worked out well. And it’s also generating revenue for our organization.

He just found himself interested in this model and just got fixed.

There’s no designation between us. But there is.

There are no two-decision makers. But there is.

Only He and I know what it is! Why it is! And how it is! 

That’s all!

In fact, how to find out your partner?  – is a big topic – and is really an important act/task in any entrepreneurial life.

I Will talk somewhere about this in detail.

I just wanted to end this episode here as a GRATITUDE to my FRIEND VINOTH KUMAR.

Next Level:

Now, I have to scale-up what I am doing it right now. I have to have a very streamlined process for reaching more customers more growth more revenue more employees…

Will continue!

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