Why do we need mentors?

Why do we need mentors?

In all our life, we are making decisions and most probably if we try hard and smart we will achieve our goal, or else we learn from the lesson life has taught during those challenging times.

However, in all of our lifetimes, we can’t take risks all the time and that’s where books are coming into our help.

Books are like masters or mentors that give someone’s life to learn a lesson from their lives too.

Still, we need someone to guide us properly so that we leed our lives peacefully.

Because our lives are very fresh and the challenges are always fresh problems to solve on time. If we failed to solve the problems on time, we will be in trouble.

In the sense, if we procrastinate the problem without solving it, one day, we could not identify ourselves. We will be losing our originality.

If we lose our originality, we will lose our dignity.

If we lose our dignity, there’s no more to lose in our life.

So, we have to face the problem and we would need to take help from our experienced persons or personality or mentors or Gurus.

A mentor is the one who helps us without expecting anything from us. However, we would need to pay in return by doing the same thing that we have learnt from him or her to others.

These are the least expectations from the mentors from a mentee.

Actually, they won’t even tell us all these things in a form of words. Everything will be in action. That’s why they are our mentors.

My mentor in Digital Marketing is Digital Deepak

And I am proudly saying that I am a student of his DDIP (Digital Deepak Internship Program).

I always admire his hard work and smart work in and he has just shown all his techniques to his mentees and it’s like revealing all the business secrets.

Nobody in this digital world would be telling all these business secrets to anyone. However, Digital Deepak is telling and teaching and mentoring to the students.

This is the real Mentor-Mentee relationship I could say and this is the purest form of humanity and he is doing such a wonderful thing in his life and he makes his life very beautiful by doing this.

Thank You, Deepak once again and I wish you all the best for all your dream to come true very soon.

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