Why do we need to cultivate the habit of reading?

Why do we need to cultivate the habit of reading?

Reading a book is not an art; It’s simply a process!

Whenever you happened to see a big achiever’s interview, they used to say that they usually read a lot of books.

Whenever you happened to see your “Masters”, they give you a piece of advice saying that you have to read at least 100 pages per day.

Whenever you happened to see any of your Entrepreneur Friends, they used to say that they read more and keep on doing this habit.

What does it all mean to you?

It says something to us and it has a lot of messages conveying through the same words like “You have to Read the Books on almost every day”.

Yes, reading a book is like getting a lifetime experience from someone to us. It immediately transfers those impacts and it always is there with us for our entire life.

We can’t get all the experiences and get to know each and everything and this life won’t be enough to get those.

To replace those things, books are good companions and they will give you more experiences through characters, life lessons, author’s perception and it keeps on going.

So, by reading someone’s book, you are getting to know that in our life there are so many things to learn and earn as experiences.

By simply reading them, we are getting a new life and new tone to our thought process.

We will change what we want to be.

Reading a book is like meeting a messenger!

You can ask why there is so much hype to read the books. In this digital world, there are so many things to get information, technologies updates, self-improvement interviews, visuals, videos, movies, web series, etc.,

Other than books, there are so many things in the world to get to know and experience.

Then, why everyone is saying that READING makes you a perfect human?

Have you given any thoughts on this?

What I feel is that a book is a collection of magical words and those words have power in it.

And you might know as well is that the collection of words is like a “Mantra” or a “Prayer” for your life.

For Every book, before I open it, I think that this has come to me for a reason. And absolutely it’s TRUE.

Without any reason, you can not pick a book to read. Unless you have a necessity to read someone’s experiences or to live someone’s imaginary world (if you happened to read fantasy novels) or just a collection of articles, you have got the book with the reason.

For the same reason, the author of the book has written it on behalf of you.

There’s nothing new in that book however, whatever you think, the author has written the same words, same sentences, same situations, everything seems the same at one point.

That’s the connection the Author has made through the magical words. And at the same time, the words are not magical, the connection between you and the author is the magical one. 

At one point you might think that “Yes, the same situation arose with me too, and here’s the Author has been mentioned without your name”…That’s the world the authors are creating it for you.

For instance, if you happened to see any feature film (Movie), the incidents maybe you can relate to your experience however, after the movie, the impact will be there for a day or two. That’s it.

But, if you read a book, it’s like you are interacting with your Messenger or you have an intimate connection with your GOD.

That “bonding” will be there for you ever.

And it would be a life-changing moment or turning point in your life, or you can change your behavior.

Anything can happen.

That’s the power of reading a book. 

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