Hellomy name is Srinivasan Ramanujam.

About me

I am Srinivasan Ramanujam and I have been active as an entrepreneur, writer and educationalist for the past many years.

My interest and expertise knowledge in the fields of, AI & Machine Learning and Digital Marketing and various Microsoft tools along with 16+ years of industrial experience has resulted in startups like Career Mudhra and Realms Inc. Opportunities like collaborating and working with major IT-oriented organizations like IBM, TCS, Infosys, Accenture and Thomson Reuters have also come my way.

Career Mudhra was established for software training and placements in 2017 after I quit my promising job, caused by my passion for teaching. Career Mudhra is established in Chennai, of Tamil Nadu, India. Expanding my services to all the tiers of the society and helping rural young minds build their knowledge and financial stability has always been and will continue to be my mission. Realms Inc. is a content marketing company that servers across industries and have successfully assisted various brands in their marketing and continues to do so.

Career Mudhra (https://careermudhra.in)

Deep Mind Systems - An AI-Powered Solutions for Organisations, Services, Software Development and Software Training (https://deepmindsystems.tech)

I have also expanded myself as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and consultant in AI, ML, Data Analytics (Power BI, Tableau), SAS and Emerging technologies like Cloud (AWS), Block Chain, Data Engineering, Python etc. Recognized as a trainer in these sections of knowledge I have successfully taken repeated training sessions in renowned universities and colleges across India. Some include, UPES, KARE, MBU, Yenepoya Deemed to be, StarEx, Sri Sai, Sri Sri, IILM, GLA University, Hindustan University,SRM University, Vels University and the Vellore Institute of Technology through the IBM Innovation Center for Education or IBM ICE and Intel

Writing has always been my passion and my interest since my childhood and I have made sure to carry it along with my career. Some of my works are: Money, your Birthright; Where is my customer? The Power of Counselling, etc., and are available in various portals like Amazon and Flipkart.

I would love to use this blog to communicate with you on shared interests, knowledge and experiences in the times to come.

Srinivasan Ramanujam: A Multifaceted Professional with 23 Years of Industrial Experience

Srinivasan Ramanujam is a seasoned professional with a remarkable career spanning 23 years. He is renowned for his expertise in a wide range of fields, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data analytics, and emerging technologies. Srinivasan's diverse skill set and extensive industrial experience have made him a valuable asset to organizations and individuals seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world.

Expertise in Emerging Technologies

Srinivasan's skill set encompasses a broad spectrum of expertise, which includes:

AI and ML:

He is well-versed in the realms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, two of the most transformative technologies in the modern era.

Data and Business Analytics:

Srinivasan's deep understanding of data analytics allows him to extract actionable insights from data, facilitating informed decision-making.

Data Engineering:

With expertise in data engineering, he ensures that data is collected, stored, and processed efficiently, a critical component of data-driven operations.

Data Science:

His knowledge of data science is invaluable for solving complex business problems and deriving meaningful conclusions from data.


Srinivasan is well-informed about blockchain technology, its applications, and the potential it holds for various industries.

Cloud Technologies:

Cloud computing forms the backbone of modern IT infrastructures, and Srinivasan's expertise in this area has been instrumental in optimizing cloud-based solutions.

Digital Marketing:

In an age where online presence is crucial, his digital marketing expertise has empowered businesses to enhance their visibility and engage effectively with their target audience.

Rich Industrial Experience

Srinivasan's career has been marked by significant contributions to the technology sector. He has worked with major multinational corporations, including TCS, Accenture, Infosys, Thomson Reuters, and IBM. At IBM, he played a pivotal role in clinical research for 16 years, leveraging his expertise in the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) software. This involvement enabled data-driven decision-making and contributed to advancements in the field.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Srinivasan's entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of Career Mudhra - Software Training and Placement Services (careermudhra.in). In its inaugural year, this venture expanded to three branches, offering comprehensive training and employment opportunities for aspiring professionals. His leadership has been instrumental in the success of Career Mudhra, making it a go-to destination for those seeking training and placement services in the tech industry.

Educational Contributions

Srinivasan's passion for education is evident in his collaborations with prestigious Indian universities through the IBM Innovation Center for Education (ICE). He imparts knowledge on cutting-edge technologies, including AI, ML, data analytics, data engineering, blockchain, and cloud technologies. By sharing his expertise, he plays a crucial role in preparing the next generation of tech professionals to tackle the challenges of the ever-changing landscape.

Content Marketing Expertise

In addition to his technology and education roles, Srinivasan has made significant strides in the field of digital marketing. He established Realms Inc., a prominent content marketing company, where he harnesses his expertise to develop effective digital marketing strategies. These strategies have been instrumental in helping businesses enhance their online presence and engage effectively with their target audience.

Contributions to Emerging Technologies

As a partner in the Aara Institute of Emerging Technologies (AIET), Srinivasan contributes his wealth of knowledge and experience to shape the institute's curriculum and drive advancements in emerging technologies. This involvement exemplifies his commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and ensuring that the next generation of professionals is well-prepared for the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Literary Endeavors

Srinivasan's versatility extends to the realm of literature. He is a published author in both Tamil and English languages, with notable works such as "Money Your Birthright," "The Power of Counseling," and "Where is My Customer?" These works offer valuable insights and guidance to readers on various topics, including finance, counseling, and customer engagement. Srinivasan's ability to communicate complex ideas in a relatable and understandable manner is a hallmark of his thought leadership.

Thought Leadership Through Blogging

To share his expertise and connect with technology enthusiasts, Srinivasan maintains a highly popular personal blog at writersrinivasan.com. Through this platform, he imparts the latest technological updates, industry trends, and thought-provoking insights. His blog has become a valuable resource for individuals looking to stay informed about the ever-changing landscape of technology and innovation. Srinivasan's ability to distill complex ideas into accessible and actionable advice is a testament to his thought leadership.

A Profile of Excellence

In summary, Srinivasan Ramanujam's career profile is a testament to his outstanding achievements, diverse skill set, and unwavering commitment to excellence in technology, entrepreneurship, training, and content marketing. His extensive experience, combined with his passion for innovation, makes him an invaluable asset to organizations and individuals seeking to leverage emerging technologies and drive growth in the digital landscape. Throughout his career, Srinivasan has consistently demonstrated his ability to adapt to evolving technologies and use his expertise to make a meaningful impact. Whether through his work in data analytics, digital marketing, education, or thought leadership, Srinivasan continues to shape the future of technology and inspire those around him.

This is one of missions as an Entrepreneur.

My Mission

My Mission is to empower individuals through accessible and personalized learning experiences of Artificial Intelligence and I commit to facilitate learners with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.
My Mission

My Services

I deliver the following Technical Mastery Courses:

Profile Summary

BE (Production Engineering) Mookambigai College of Engineering, Bharathidhasan University, Trichy.

Founder & CEO - Career Mudhra and Realms Inc

Career Mudhra - A determinist with almost 6 years experience in transfiguring the students' (especially from the colleges/universities) future and growth identifying their innate caliber by incorporating scientifically driven methods and techniques onto the concern.

Mudhra Software Services - A dynamic professional with over 16 years of successful experience in the domains namely Healthcare, Life Sciences & Training and Development. Have involved in mapping the requirements, custom designing solutions and troubleshooting problems by defining & designing new processes, identifying improvement areas and implementing adequate measures to meet business objectives

Mudhra Academy - It has been dawned to pave the students and working people, a way to land at the right platform, where they want to be, with due perception on their career and progress. This is for school students to improve their caliber on choosing the right career

Certified Global Career Counsellor - GCC University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Technical Acuity
  • Requirement Analysis
  • SAS Programming (Basic and Advanced) SAS
  • Visual Analytics
  • Tableau
  • Digital Marketing
  • Python
  • R
Domains Served
  • Life Sciences (Clinical Trials – Bio Statistical Programming) Healthcare
  • (US Healthcare Market – Payer & Provider)
Deputy Manager

Jan’17 - Jun’17

IBM, Chennai (Truven acquired by IBM)

Deputy Manager - SAS

Jan’13 - Dec’16

Truven Health Analytics India Private Limited, Chennai (Thomson Reuters acquired by Truven)

Lead - SAS

Jun’10 - Dec’12

Thomson Reuters, Chennai

Technology Lead

Dec’09 - Jun’10

Infosys Technologies Limited, Chennai

Team Lead – Clinical Programming

Jan’08 - Dec’09

Accenture Services Private Limited, Bengaluru

Clinical Statistical Analyst

Aug’06 - Dec’07

Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai

SAS Programmer

Oct’05 - Aug’06

Stira Pharma Solutions, Chennai

SAS Programmer

Sep’04 - Sep’05

Prithvi Systek Consultants, Chennai

Software Engineer

Jan’03 - Aug’04

Mikas Technologies, Trichy

Production Engineer

Jul’01 - Dec’02

Shri Narmatha Fabricators, Trichy


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