Am I a REAL Entrepreneur?

Am I a REAL Entrepreneur?

I am continuously asking this question to me. Am I a REAL Entrepreneur?

This question is not like can I take breakfast or lunch or dinner.

This is something BIG in a normal or even in the higher middle-class family.

This is the lifetime question I had to ask myself that Am I TRUE to myself at least?

In the past three years, the following are the questions asked by my friends, family members, and sometimes even from a customer:

  1. What is the business that you are doing? I never understand what you are really up to.
  2. Are you making enough money? What are you doing for your monthly expenses?
  3. Why don’t you return to your “the same old career” so that you can financially be manageable?
  4. Why are you not trying your business part-time?
  5. By when you can make money?
  6. Do you think by next month you can bring some money out of your business?

I think you have identified at this time that all the questions related to money. ONLY related to MONEY.

People are always scared of money. This is exactly the same reason why I want to become an entrepreneur. Literally I am not scared of money these days.

Because, the PASSION on what I am doing, drives me every day. Otherwise, living as a businessman in this world is like slowly killing yourself.

Why do people get scared of money?

In your life, just think of what drives you?

  1. Have to pay your bills (All the BILLS for that matter) on time
  2.  Every weekend have to go out and enjoy with your family (Really Enjoying yourself? It’s another big question or another big topic by itself)
  3. What else? (A lot of time, this is the question we will ask ourselves at the end of every weekend)

Is this REALLY driving you or motivating you? That’s the reason our productivity is becoming very low at the end of the weekend. And also at the starting of the weekday.

Isn’t that right?

So, the life of the regular and normal EMI person’s mind is always thinking about the money. Even I came from the same old fashion. However, I am becoming strong on each and every step I am taking towards my entrepreneurial journey only because of my PASSION.

Entrepreneurship is something You LIVE for it. LOVE for it. WALK for it. RUN for it. Breath for it. You are now your BUSINESS!

You can ask me like how about paying bills without any revenue at the initial time on this journey?

Trust me it will be taken care of!

All Entrepreneurs are on a ‘MISSION FROM GOD’. IT will take care of them. It’s taken care of me.

Everyone in this journey faced, facing, and will face these things in their entrepreneurial life.

During this journey, people will comment on you, they will throw stones at you. But, we have to do what we are thinking. Have to take the necessary action plan and execute this (PASSION) as soon as possible.

Also, I don’t care, people, just asking for the sake of it. I immediately neglect them or ignore them.

All these things only possible when you have a PASSION for what you are doing. This is not like you read some books or you saw some talk shows about an entrepreneur and took some inspiration then you immediately come and do your business. The same case goes even for the family business too. If you don’t have the passion for what you are doing you never become anyone on anything.

I Am obsessed with what I am doing. Sometimes, I just traveled a long distance just for getting only one piece of information.  Even I can’t wait for their call or something. People might think that I am mad. It’s not about saving your money and make a phone call and get it done. It’s all about how people are behaving. I wanted to see their face on how they are giving information or tricks or some tactics about their business.

Nowadays, all the companies are investing so much money in getting the data on People’s behavior.  But, I can tell by seeing with their profile this is the behavior of this guy or girl. Like shopping behavior, reading behavior, communication behavior, and goes on.

You can’t always think about saving money. It’s never going to work out in the entrepreneurial life. We never think of this is an expense. Those are your investments. They will come back to you at any cost. That’s how this universe has been built up. I strongly believe in that.

And one more thing. An entrepreneur or a successful entrepreneur never follow anyone. They only follow what’s the direction coming from their heart.

Now, I am looking at me in the mirror and saying that “YES, I AM A REAL ENTREPRENEUR”.

It doesn’t matter for me whether it’s a failure or a success. However, I am growing on this path. GROWTH is HAPPENING for me. One day it will lead to a BIG SUCCESS! Even then I don’t care about ‘MONEY’.

I care about my PASSION!


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