Where is My Customer? – Part 5

Now I have found out that this is what I am going to do. I am going to do “CAREER COUNSELING” as a service to the schools and also to the individuals.

Can you imagine how hard it was?

This ‘niche’ is really the need of the hour for all the students irrespective of whether he/she’s performing academically good or not.

However, I was focused on this micro-niche and trying out a plan on how to attract the customers to be it on B2B(Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customer).

I have done enough research on counseling and got enrolled myself in one of the famous career counseling courses out there.

I always believe in learning and whatever I have learned, tried to put it in practice as soon as possible.

Also, I believe in the “SPECIAL SKILLS” or to become a “MASTERY” on where I am. For that, I will put my 100% to learn and master myself or with the mentor’s help.

That’s how I found my GURU, I found my favorite AUTHOR, and this list goes on for each and every field of interest that I have.

I never bother to learn from even my team members who’s far younger than me as I always believe in “we can take all the good things from wherever we found”.

And I always have the habit of investing time and money to become mastery of specific skills. Still, I follow the same approach and without learning there will not be any earning.

Before you are expecting to get the money from others you have to give away your money first. I think this will apply to all businesses.

Now I became a Globally Certified Career Counselor and I am all set to launch my business.

I have left the US and came back to India.

My Dear Friends,

Here I would like to let you know one thing. Starting a business is not that easy. Especially in our Tamil Culture.

They always advise us

  • To go and get a job
  • Get married and have children
  • And one fine day, die and bury yourself. (We don’t know whether they are coming for our death or not)

This is the typical middle-class mentality. They never try anything and they never let other people try by themselves.

They are clear on their mission.

They will abuse you if you are not in a job.

They will go to any extent to hurt you.

But, we don’t have to worry. If you wish to become an entrepreneur, please follow something that I followed:

Before I have started from the US, I set my mind on these things:

  1. Yes, I am going to do a different thing in my family and it’s all trial and error method.
  2. Our job is not to convince other people. Our job is only to take the necessary action to earn money from our new venture.
  3. Try to explain (not really an explanation needed over here. Because no one can understand my business  idea rather than me…Just convey the message politely and strongly) to your spouse that it will take some time to be comfortable
  4. I am responsible for my family’s regular expenses and I will make it with the savings that I have now.
  5. I am going to tell my kids about my business. (Lot of times, they are the only one give you the hope and confidence that we will do something different in our life)
  6. I never bother about anyone else in the world who’s going to advise me on my job or etc.,
  7. I have to expect all kinds of negative vibration from the people I know and at the same time, I have to ignore them immediately.
  8. I have to be mentally strong as even a single word can hurt me at this time. I don’t want to allow as I am like a mirror. A single word is like a small piece of stone and it will break the MIRROR.
  9. I never argue with anyone saying that what I am doing is right. It will take time to prove myself
  10. Over a period of time, people will tend to forget us  (Except my family) and they will have a lot of challenges even in their life. I strongly believe in this point because I am voting from 18 years old. I have seen many instances of how we are forgetting our politicians and their promises.

These are the 10 mantras that I have to follow very rigorously.

I have followed everything and it’s going smoothly and there’s no way of getting the business into live.

What do I mean by the business to be on live?

I have to make money on my services. For that where should I go? To the Schools? or to the colleges? How?

Then, I found out that “Marketing“!

Trust me. I am not the person who’s the right fit for Marketing and Sales.

I strongly believe that I can’t make it a deal by having a clear conversation with anyone.

Basically, I will do my job and someone has to market my products or services. I am not at all interested to take my products/services to the field and getting to be sold out.

But, in reality, MARKETING is the pillar of any organization. Without this nothing happening.

Then, How did I manage to sell my products/services?

How was that possible that very soon I have opened up three branches?

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