Where is My Customer? – Part 6

Everything is ready. I have decided that:

  1. I am going to do “CAREER COUNSELING”
  2. Through psychometric test
  3. What I have created for their career growth called ” CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN” (CDP)
  4. Schools / school students are my  major target audiences.
  5. Even College students can take it and even any one for that matter they can come and undergo the career counseling process


Do you think this is as simple as that?


Offlate, the following were my observations:

  • I have realized that my Target Audinces are not enough to understand what I am talking about “career counseling”.
  • Lot of parents communciated during the conversation that “I know better about my son/daughter”. Where is it coming the new term called ‘career counseling’?
  • Do you understand and find out their cappabilities and inner talents rather than their parents?
  • I am always with my son/daughter. How come you know better than me? (I think you people are simling at me)
  • We never followed any rules for selecting the career. We follow our own rule. We have already decided that my son/daughter is going to take up the “medicine” for his/her higher studies. You can’t stop.
  • Why are you diverting our goals? As a parent, we have our dreams (!) what my son/daughter would become. Who are you in between?

There are so many overwhelming responses like this. Many times, I laughed looking at me. Many times I regret for their ‘parental behaviours’ and their ignorance or innocence.

Very rare I was getting into the discussion like:

  • I would like to give ‘the best’ to my son/daughter. So, I would like to go through your ‘counseling process’
  • I have wasted my career choosing the wrong choice  and I don’t want to do the same for my kid
  • Education is the only thing I will be able to give her/him the best. Other things will vanish soon. So, I wanted to meet you in person along with my daughter/son
  • Do you have any experience/certification on this? (Really I have got surprised to get these kind of questions!)

By hearing all these mixed version of their feedback, I was thinking that “Yes, I should be here doing something for the students”.

My confident have been increased. One thing I have noticed that nobody is doing only this  as a service. They have combined this with too many other things.

Also, in this niche (I woukld say ‘micro-niche’), parents and even lot of service providers are not very clear about what really all about the  counseling is?

Because, there are platforms which gives you the pyschometric test for free however, nobody can understand the report what it was.

Still, I remember about my first client in the career counseling. The enquiry came through after seeing our website.

And he has paid through the online gateway and he has gone through the psychometric test and he’s got the report. He was really satisfied with the report and he has to go through until ‘Career Development Plan’ process. He was from Pune.

This has happened immediately after I have launched my ‘google ad’. Thorugh that ad, within a month I have given the service for almost 9 people through out India.

I am not surprised to see that no one is from Tamilnadu or Chennai region. Because we are not in practice of taking “career counseling” from experts.

I wanted to scale up this business across South India or at least across PAN India (!). (Big Joke, right?)

But, here I have done one thing. I have asked the below questions to myself:

  1.  So, we have decided to be in this niche, are people really knowing about me or about my service?
  2. What’s stopping them to take the service from me?
  3. First of all, Why do they come to me to take up this counseling process for their kids?
  4. What is the value I am creating for them?
  5. Do people know me as a brand or as a person?

Immedaitely after asking the above questions, I have started writing the book on counseling.

Within next 10 days, I have written the book and I have given to the publisher.

That’s how “The Power of Counseling” came in.

I have created my own ‘personal branding’ through this book. This book has given me the new opportunities.

And till now, I don’t have any office to serve my clients. I had taken a small office (that too shared) in Anna Nagar area, but I was not satisfied with that place.

This is 2018 and almost been in six months now in the journey of an Entrepreneur. I was enjoying each and every moment of my journey and my work.

Here’ I wanted to tell you all one thing.

I was the only one person.

Now, I have a product and  I know about my target audience. I have sold some products to my audiences too and it’s been well received from the client end.

However, this is not the right direction what I was thinking in my mind.

If I keep on doing the same like doing ‘google ad’ or ‘facebook ad’ and make some revenue more than what I have invested.

Though I was in break even or more than that (Little profit that I have seen), this is not the business model what I was referring to or what I was thinking of.

This is totally wrong. I would need to have a marketing team or vertical. Through that I wanted to grow.

This was the thought process I was going through. Still, I ddin’t have a clue what should I do for this.


Now I was totally into the public speaking. No fear. I have grown. I have apprecaited myself. (Obviously, no one would do it for me)

This has happened completely because of the dedication.

On a daily basis, I used to practice how to speak in front of my customer or in front of the crowd. I have some secrets how to do this.

I found out myself and it worked very well.

This has happened while I was writing my ‘The Power of Counseling’ book.

Actually I am a writer in Tamil. Not in English.

In my early 20’s I thought of publsihing my “Collection of Tamil Poems”  but it never happened.

My Dad used to say that I read your writing when you publish the book.

Before that, he has read what I have written in Ananda Vikatan (Tamil Weekly Magazine) during my student reporter’ days. (Though it’s not a writing, just reporting).

But, He never thought that I will be able to manage starting a company and that too on counseling and I will write a book and it got published in English…

He laughed at me carrying the book on his hand. He recognized that I will be able to do soemthing in my life. I hope so.

At that time, he was not able to speak. He lost that ability when he got into paralysis.

Ok…now, I was thinking that this is not the right thing to scale up this business.

What to do next?

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